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BUIRIS, LLB University of South Africa .Danie has been a magistrate for the past 24 years until March 2011. He specialized in the Civil Law section. He acted as the chief and Senior Magistrate at the Kempton Park magistrate court and was actively involved with the training of his peers to enable the magistrates at Kempton Park and all over Gauteng to well-rounded with respect to their abilities, thus ensuring a smooth transition in staff changes. Danie was actively involved in skills transfer and empowerment of previously disadvantaged magistrate in line with the country’s need for transformation. This he indeed achieved as some of his protégé have become senior officials within the Department of Justice / Institutional Development. During this time he has presided over thousands of civil trials. He was actively involved with the Gauteng Civil Magistrates Forum and played a leading role in the development of systems for civil courts within the lower courts. He has extensive experience in the Magistrate Court and is an expert amongst others, dispute resolution, insolvencies and liquidations, family law, criminal law, repossessions and collections in the industry in South Africa. Danie was the National Secretary for the Judicial Officers of South Africa and represented this organization successfully twice in Parliament on draft legislation. Danie currently heads the professional Support Team at T.J Maodi Inc., with major focus on training and empowerment. Danie has personally appeared in the High courts to defend matters for some of our clients and providing opinions.

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