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T. J. MaodI Inc. and Client’s Requirements In-Scope

MAT has a Valid Tax Clearance Certificate.
MAT is registered with the Central Supplier Database(CSD).
MAT has a valid Law Society Membership.
MAT has valid Fidelity Fund Insurance Cover.
MAT is a 100% Black owned Company.
The areas of the legal services MAT can render are amongst others:
General advice on National Credit Act and related legislation.
General advice of the Debt Collection Act and related legislation.
Issuing and serving of letters of demand.
Call centre ‘soft’ collection services.
Drafting opinions in respect of all legal matters pertaining to the debt collection process.
Drafting and negotiating settlement agreements between the Client and consumers/customers/clients.
Litigation in all spheres of the law.
Litigation in all courts in South Africa.
Drafting opinions in respect of all legal matters pertaining to commercial law, law of contract, personal injury law, banking law, labour law, law of companies, law of succession, estates, constitutional law, etc.
Disciplinary hearings
Resources and Infrastructure MAT has the following resources and infrastructure:
Licensed software compatible with Microsoft Office 2010.
Internet Technology (IT) security system (anti-virus, firewall, back-ups and/or encryptions, but not necessarily limited to the aforementioned).
Back-up and disaster recovery plans Disaster Recovery

IT Recovery Strategies
Recovery strategies for Information technology (IT) systems, applications and data.
This includes networks, servers, desktops, laptops, wireless devices, data and connectivity.
Priorities for IT recovery should be consistent with the priorities for recovery of business functions and processes that were developed during the business impact analysis.
IT resources required to support time-sensitive business functions and processes should also be identified.
The recovery time for an IT resource should match the recovery time objective for the business function or process that depends on the IT resource.
Information technology systems require hardware, software, data and connectivity.
Without one component of the “system,” the system may not run.
Therefore, recovery strategies should be developed to anticipate the loss of one or more of the following system components, Computer room environment.
Connectivity to a service provider
MAT have the ability to move along with changes in the law and ensure that this is brought to the attention of the CLIENT and must also take the lead to be innovative but ethical thus ensuring savings to the CLIENT.
MAT can ensure that all deadlines are met and can act within time frames MAT’s has the capacity and available infrastructure to conduct research. MAT have sufficient security on its premises to ensure no breach of security.
MAT has to provide the client timorously with all required reports.

Out of Scope
It is understood that MAT is the expert in the field of the law and the Client is the client, thus the instructions of the client must be honoured taking into account the lawfulness of the instructions and the prevailing laws at the time of instructions.
MAT can ensure that it acts at all times with due diligence and ensures it safeguards Attorney-and-client privilege.

MAT knows that service excellence goes hand in hand with the utmost integrity and tenacity in order to fully understand the needs of their clients.
Therefore requires their attorneys to share their same aims, missions and passions.
There should be a balance between costs on the one side and value of the services rendered.
MAT not only have the infrastructure but also the expertise and the willingness to render legal services.

T. J. MAODI Inc Adherence to Requirements Professional Affiliation
MAT is the holder of a valid and current Fidelity Fund Certificate for 2018.
MAT is not a member of the Debt Collectors Association as Attorneys are by law entitled to do debt collection and not allowed to be so registered.
J T Maodi and D P Oberholzer are admitted attorneys and are all in good standing with the Law Society of the Northern Provinces.
J T Maodi and D P Oberholzer are admitted to appear in the High Court of South Africa.
MAT has since its inception been issued on an annual basis with the fidelity fund certificate.
This indemnifies our clients from any misappropriation of funds by either the attorneys or the employees of MAT.
This is governed by Section 25 of the Attorneys Act, 1978, Act 53 of 1979.
The Attorneys Fidelity Fund is a statutory body established and regulated by the provisions of the Attorneys Act of 1979. Its objective is to protect the public against loss as a result of the theft of trust funds by practitioners. The protection provided by the Fund encourages the public to use services provided by legal practitioners with confidence.
Cover is provided for R1 250 000.00 per director.
In addition to this MAT has also taken out cover to the value of R20 000 000.00.
The reason for this is the growth of the office as well as the types of instructions MAT gets at present.

Call Centre Environment
Reporting for Call Centre stats – MAT uses Excalibur as its collection tool; It provides not only for reporting, but also custom reporting on all levels.
Wall displays – MAT has Teleforge as its telephony partner and in all the areas where the call centre is situated has wall displays showing the information that is needed at any specific period of time.
Voice Logging (Recordings) – all calls (inbound and outbound) are recorded and are stored.
Outbound call facilities – MAT has a primary outbound call centre, but inbound call are handled.
SMS/Mail/Fax capabilities: Excalibur is our debt collecting programme partner and SMS messages is sent through Excalibur, we also have a Vodacom SMS facility to send SMS.
SevenC our e-mail and all essential staff have access to e-mails, we can also send e-mails through Excalibur - (sending and receiving).
We have a facsimile line dedicated only for the sending of facsimiles, we also have scanning facilities and scan many documents and e-mail it rather than using the facsimile line, we also have three FAXME numbers where the facsimiles sent to us appear on three dedicated e-mail addresses.
Schedule call back capabilities – the diary system of Excalibur functions as a call back facility.
Customized messages – through Excalibur all messages can be customized to suit the requirements and approval of clients.
Blended call management
Mainframe Emulator

IT Infrastructure
MAT has sufficient computers with screens and other hardware to function optimally.
Microsoft Office 2010 is installed on all our computers (desktop and laptop) and we have end user license agreements to this effect in place.
Telkom is our ADSL line provider.
Our internet facility is hosted by Afrihost.
Seacom is our fibre connectivity provider.
MAT’s e-mail and website is also hosted by Afrihost.
Nashua is our service provider that provides us with printers, scanners and copiers. We have seven (7) mass printers that also do scanning and copying.
We have a separate telefax line and facsimile, and we also have fax to email facilities as well as a telefax facility with Excalibur, also one of our service providers.
MAT has 9 laptops that are available for use in case of disaster.
Wall displays – MAT has Teleforge as its telephony partner and in all the areas where the call centre is situated has wall displays showing the information that is needed at any specific period of time.

IT Security
MAT has state of the art firewalls in place on our IT systems.
MAT has the latest antivirus systems on our computers.
Back-ups are done on a daily, weekly and month basis.
Back-ups are done on external hard drives and in a cloud.
Only certain staff have computers with USB points.
Passwords to our systems are changed monthly.
When staff are rotated they do not take their computer to the next station, they use the one at the new station.
Except for senior staff members the rest of the staff do not have emails and are not linked to the internet.
MAT has an intranet where the staff receives relevant e-mail and can access systems.

Disaster Management
MAT has privately owned premises 2 kilometres away from our present location available for immediate occupation in case of a service interruption at our present offices.
On the premises there is sufficient furniture available for critical staff to use to ensure that the least amount of inconvenience is caused to clients.
MAT has sufficient telephones and computers available at this premises to ensure that our core and critical business keep on functioning optimally in the circumstances.
MAT has entered into an arrangement with one of its service providers for the use of a bus in case of such an eventuality.
Our telephony partner also has premises for us to use in case of emergency for recovery purposes. The premises are located in Midrand and can accommodate 40 staff members. This will ensure no downtime on our part.
MAT has three offices comprising of the Head Office in Kempton Park and two branch offices, one in Pretoria and one in Johannesburg respectively.

Office Security
MAT has 5 staff members that live on our premises that form our office security.
These 5 staff members are our most trustworthy male staff members who look after our interests jealously.
They also have instant access to the Director and other key personnel and we are a mere 200m away from the Kempton Park Police Services Station.
These staff members are young active males who can protect our goods.
MAT’s offices have burglar bars in front of the windows and we have electronic gates that restrict access.

TEL : 011 025 4990 FACSIMILE: 086 652 7661


TEL : 011 025 4990 FACSIMILE: 086 652 7661

TEL : 011 025 4990

T.J. Maodi Inc Overview
T. J. Maodi Inc was founded in 2010 by Juta Tebogo Maodi and Daniel Pieter Oberholzer. We are currently rated as a Level 1 BBBEE Firm and are in the process of joining and becoming a member of the Black Lawyers Association. The firm has rapidly grown from a “two man” firm to a firm that holds a staff compliment of sixty five (65) comprising of three (3) professional staff, one (1) consultant, three article (3) clerks and fifty eight (58) support staff members.
We pride ourselves on being a family and community orientated firm in that we employ people from the community and train them in the various aspects and fields of the law in order to develop their skills so that they may make a career for themselves, support their families, give back to the community and to train and develop the skills of others.
We have started with a volunteer training program. This initiative is the “brainchild” of our staff and was not initiated by management. We put up posters and advertisements all over previously disadvantaged communities for volunteers to be trained.
A stipend is offered for their training. Our advantage is that we only take ten (10) people in at a stage to ensure that intensive, one on one, training takes place as well as formal training after hours in order for the training not to interfere with our normal daily operations.
This ensures that we at all times have a pool of fully trained volunteers to select from to fill vacancies. We are in the process of registering our training program with SETA in order for our volunteers to use this and try and secure employment. It is our declared objective to leave a legacy of trained people behind who do not only have the necessary qualifications but the practical skills to become useful citizens of our country.
Our approach is to have all members of staff as holistic as possible. Not only do our attorneys train the staff, we encourage peer training and review. All our staff attend training offered by the Law Society of the Northern Province of South Africa as well as other institutions. We rotate our staff on a frequent basis to ensure not only training but also to minimize the risk of data loss and skill shortages.
We realized the complete lacuna in respect of a Law Firm with Attorneys who have expertise in the field of Civil Litigation, Conveyancing and Notarial Practice, as well as Debt Collection with specific reference to the National Credit Act.
T. J. Maodi Inc. provides a professional Debt Collection, Civil Litigation, Commercial, Conveyancing, Corporate Governance, Family Law, Insolvency and Liquidations, Labour Law and Notarial Practice service to our clients and pride ourselves on our level of integrity, honesty, initiative and motivation.
We are at present a 100% Black Owned Company and envisage becoming a Black Woman-Empowered Enterprise. This would be in line with the Legal Profession Charter. The professional staff, specifically the women are being groomed to take over the operations of the office.
We are situated in the heart of the legal section of Kempton Park. Our Head Office is very close to the Magistrates’ Court and Police Station. It is a short walk to the Post Office and all major banks.
The Sheriffs of the Court Tembisa and Kempton Park South is a mere 5 minutes’ walk from our offices and the OR Tambo International Airport is a 10 minute drive from our offices. The Gautrain bus stops right in front of our offices en route to the Rhodesfield Station. We are centrally located in the Province of Gauteng.
We also have branch offices in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Both these offices are centrally located and close to the High Courts and the Magistrates’ Courts. We have a vast tracing system that covers the whole of the Republic of South Africa.

T.J. Maodi Inc vision is embraced
by our employees, This is shared vision is as follows:
To be the market leader in the field of Debt Collection and the National Credit Act.
To be proficient and cost effective in the field of Civil Litigation in all the courts in South Africa.
To render an honest service within the ethical framework of the Law Society of South Africa.
To keep abreast with and play an active and major role in the legal changes and reform in South Africa
To be one step ahead as a Broad Based Black Economic Empowered Law Firm
To render cost effective services, not only to our clients but also to the consumer, to ensure the prompt and efficient finalisation of instructions; To have a thorough knowledge of and to keep ahead of the changes in the field of Labour Law
To be relevant and have an updated knowledge in the field of Public Procurement and Corporate Governance
To be on the forefront in the field of Commercial Law and Corporate Law.
To be in line with the practise directives and the law in Personal Injury Claims.
To offer a cost effective service in the field of Deceased Estate Administration.
To render timeous and diligent work in the field of Conveyancing and Notarial Practice.
To offer the best possible services in respect to Liquidations and Insolvency.
To have an organisation of professional, well trained and result driven staff.
To be one step ahead of our competition in the utilisation of technology to ensure a speedy and cost effective service; To ensure that our clients are properly and timeously informed of the status of instructions.
To do our bit to save the environment by being a ‘green’ law firm.
To deliver a level of efficient and excellent service to our clients.
To help in any way that we can to eradicate the injustices of the past and to offer employment to those who show an earnest willingness not to only receive but to go the extra mile.
To make sure that our staff are remunerated properly and that their packages are in line with the relevant markets.
To be as flexible as possible in regards to office hours in order for us to render the best possible services to clients.

Final Word T.J. Maodi. inc
MAT is not only willing but able to take Client’s legal sector to the next level. Not only does MAT have the team that is young and vibrant but also the will to become a partner of Client to ensure that Client’s objective of “The Smart, Creative and Developmental City” is achieved.
MAT is fully committed to do our part in being a green firm. We support any initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and share these ideas with all we are involved with.
Client service, integrity, initiative and remarkable communication are the core elements of MAT’s service offering. Therefore Client and their consumers, customers/clients will receive a high level of service and dedication from MAT staff.
Due to our office diversity, we are able to communicate verbally with our clients in their language of preference i.e. in all 11 Official Languages, and in doing so we are able to:

Explain the various procedures which need to be followed in various instances and cases.
Take full instructions from clients without having the issue of the communication and or language barrier.
Explain the contents of documents which have been drafted and need to be signed.
This, therefore, ensures efficient communication between our office and our clients so that we understand our clients’ needs and wants, over and above this, the clients understand what information is required as well as the progress of the matter.
This results in a good client service between us and the client as well.

Appendix – About T.J. Maodi Inc

Our Mission is to render professional, ethical, speedily and very cost effective legal services to our clients.

Keep abreast with and play an active role in the legal changes and reform in South Africa.
Be the market leader in debt collecting and the National Credit Act
Breaking new ground as a Black Economic Empowered Law Firm.
Render cost effective services, to our clients and consumers, for a speedily finalization of instructions.
Have a corps of professional, well trained and result driven staff.
Be one step ahead of our competition in the utilization of technology.
Provide an honest service within the ethical framework of the Law Society of South Africa.
Ensure that our clients are properly and timeously informed of the status of instructions.
Do our bit to save the environment by being a ‘green’ law firm.
Batho Pele
People first
Consulting with clients to find out what they want.
Expecting the highest possible standard of service.
Accessibility not only in terms of our work but also our office.
Courtesy towards all we interact with, irrespective of who they are.
Providing accurate information to all our clients and debtors.
We pride ourselves in our openness and transparency.
We welcome feedback be it negative or positive and we redress the wrongs and learn from it.
Our clients receive value for their money, wastage is frowned upon.
We encourage innovation and we reward excellence.
With the leadership of our leaders we improve.

Office Hours

Mondays - Thursdays
07:00 am- 17:00pm

07:00am - 16:00pm

08:00am - 12:00pm

Our offices remain open throughout the Christmas Season.
Staffs take their leave in an organised fashion so that it does not impact on the operations of the office.
Volunteers are pulled in to fill the vacancies left by a staff member on leave.
We have an inbound telephone system that functions separate from our outbound telephone system.
We have two receptionists who also act as telephone operators.
Therefore when one receives visitors the other operates the telephone system
Our staff have been trained to allow our clients mentioned elsewhere unrestricted access to the senior staff, attorneys and director.
These calls are not screened and a list of people who must be connected to the mentioned staff is on display at the telephone.
We own our own offices and there is more space available to expand to if the need arises.
Our Head Office is separated in three distinct areas namely: call centre, administration and litigation.
The office is very close to the Magistrates’ Court, SAPS, all major banks, The Post Office, OR Tambo International Airport, Gautrain Station of Rhodesfield and the Sheriffs of Kempton Park and Tembisa.
We have branch offices in Pretoria and Johannesburg. We have correspondents throughout the Republic of South Africa, and have through them access to each and every legal corner of our country.
We have a messenger in Kwa-Zulu Natal and one in the Western Cape, which services the whole of the respective province. We have also partnered with pay@ which is a company that allows debtor to pay via Checkers, Pick ‘n Pay, Boxer, USave, and Pep Stores nationally.
We have structures in place for daily, weekly and monthly reporting to our clients. We are flexible and can report more often or at requested intervals; Our reporting is accurate and reports are provided within the agreed timeframes.
All reports are verified by the Director for accuracy and signed of by him, Reporting is done in the format required and in line with instructions, We have ‘independent’ staff that is responsible for the reporting.
We have access to CACS and LAW and have been using it since we partnered with Standard Bank of South Africa.
Our reporting is further aided by the fact that we use Excalibur, which is a Future Soft product.

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